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Upcoming Breathwork Group Series
Winter 2024 9:30-3pm
Saturdays June 1, June 29 & July 27.

Join facilitators Ninna Millikin and Andrew Doube to explore your inner life and experience the safety of a small group. Using Breathwork and body centering tools, the experience of therapeutic process work in a supported environment offers profound insights into how we are in relationship -both with other people and ourselves

Rundown: We start the day with moving and stretching as people arrive.

Then we  have a group check-in with a light morning tea and are guided into a deeply relaxed state using body awareness and grounding. This flows into  40-60 minutes of Conscious Connected Breathing.

We then share a nutritious lunch of soup and bread, and lastly gather for a debrief and further facilitated grounding and relaxation. 


"Eye opening and profound. The benefits for me included taking the time for dedicated self-care and discovering the power of Breathwork for wellbeing and healing. Facilitation was gentle, extremely professional and warm.


"I felt all my needs were met and loved the energy between the facilitators. There was no 'power over' - just intuitively and wisely being fully present and sharing and guiding. This allowed for an expanded sharing, held and safe." 

"I so valued the opportunity to connect with and learn from others. It makes life feel not so hard/lonely! The series formed a space in my calendar to really check-in and reflect on my process and all the ebbs and flows of life. I gained a lot from the group Breathes the longer length and supported space felt as thought it allowed a deepening."

"Thank you for the nourishing food - it felt so supportive!"

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From the Facilitators

Andrew: "Breathwork groups have been a big part of my inner journey over the last 20 years. I have found it deeply enriching and rewarding to dive deep with groups of co-explorers. To get to be vulnerable together. To step into the unknown of our inner worlds together. To get the opportunity to see behind other people's everyday ‘masks’, and have others see behind mine". 


Ninna: "We so rarely meet people in their inner lives, and it's a revelation sometimes to realise we all have our struggles and our beauty in how we navigate them. To witness and be held is such an honour and gift. My experience of group work in various modalities over the last 20 years has always been a deeply connecting and heartening insight, especially my intensive group Breathwork Training over 2 years with Cindy Aulby. I love that groups provide an opportunity to learn from peers and share of ourselves with others". 

 A series of monthly day-retreats over Winter 2024: 
$150per day/$130 early bird (COB Friday 2 weeks before the day)
Morning tea, hearty lunch and warm drinks included 
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