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What is Breathwork?

What happens in a session?


My Story

I came to Breathwork after engaging with various processes and healing modalities, and I have remained with it for over a decade because it has worked for me in profound ways.  
I offer guidance and tools for you to connect to yourself and what your system needs. You remain grounded in your physical sensations and emotions are able to move and express. Memories and narratives are explored and connections are made between past events and current struggles. 

Ninna Millikin_breathwork with Ninna_counselling Hobart_southern tasmania_therapy_breathwork therapy_somatic therapy_body_centred_counselling.jpeg

When we know and understand ourselves our unconscious thought and behaviour patterns find resolution and our own lives become richer. This healing ripples out to those closest to us, and beyond to our community and further afield. Breathwork is a powerful tool to access the subconscious and non-ordinary states of awareness, and facilitates transformative journey work. To intellectually understand our schema and issues is useful for awareness, but it doesn't necessarily bring about the growth and renewal we hope for when we engage in therapeutic work. To merely observe is not enough. For transformation to occur energy must move, our bodies must feel and express, connections between the current challenges and past experiences be seen and felt. With this release comes freedom, choice and availability to ourselves and others.  
Lasting transformation can occur with Breathwork, and with a loving and attentive practitioner to nurture and champion your process. 
I bring a deep understanding and experience of many aspects of being human, in particular of children in separated families, women's journeys, substance use, depression, parenting young children and relationships. To facilitate your profound processes, I am supported by my love of nature, regular embodied dance, over a decade as a documentary film maker and my own motherhood journey.  
I graduated from the Journey to the Heart training with Cindy Aulby in 2019 and bring the fresh energy and curiosity of an early-career practitioner, with many years of experience in my own personal growth paths, Breathwork groups and sessions. 



What are the stages of a session? 

I’ve heard Breathwork is intense – what should I expect? 

What do sessions help with?

How many sessions do you recommend?

How much is a session? 

Where are you located?

Can I plan other things directly after a session?  

What is your cancellation policy?

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