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Befriending yourself


I’d hazard a guess you’re a great friend to your loved ones. 


Old friends are one of the highlights of this life. They know us well, they empathise with us when we struggle. 


What would life feel like if you were that kind of friend to yourself?

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In Praise of Rest


Recently I’ve been considering the pace at which we live our lives, and reflecting on the importance of rest and taking it slow wherever possible.

Consider the natural world to which we ultimately belong: all things rest. Its authority is in day and night, in seasons and their rhythms. Life knows that rest is crucial.

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Feel It All


How would it be to welcome the gentle rain of your tears, allow the wildfire of your anger burn to re-energise your inner landscape, or witness the sunshine of your joy nurturing new growth, knowing it too will pass?

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Here and Now


I’ve been noticing the nature of human striving, our  tendency to locate  fulfilment in something that is out of reach. What’s curious is also this: when we get what we're yearning for, another site of incompleteness replaces it...

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