The breathing technique I guide you to use during a session is best understood as a key that unlocks your innate ability to access layers of your sub-conscious and body, to shift energy and thought patterns that are stuck, to offer integration to trapped experiences. It's very powerful and beautiful and such an honour to witness and support people courageously being with themselves, diving in to how they feel and how their body speaks to them when given the opportunity.


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A session is a supported exploration of your inner life using the tools of Body Centred Counselling and Breathwork. It is an experience of insight, healing, and release. Firstly we check in, then I guide you into a deeply relaxed state of body awareness and then assist you to use the Conscious Connected Breathwork technique which can take you into a non-ordinary state of consciousness. This enables you to be fully present with yourself, the information your body holds and supports you to meet what arises when you slow down and listen. This can result in catharsis, and a  fuller understanding of your 'story'. When you return to ordinary consciousness I support your integration of new wisdom into your life.

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